Surf and Turf Baja Tour

Take your motorcycle, ATV or UTV to rip through the Baja mountain ranges, across the Sonoran Desert and arrive at a privately-owned riverfront home. Check out Northern Baja’s 7,500-year-old petroglyphs on your way. The following day, shred on glassy waters with your personal watersports instructor soaking in the mountain views.

November TBA

Day by day details for Surf & Turf
Day 1:

To begin our adventure, we will head towards one of the most well-preserved petroglyphs, mural rock art, located in Northern Baja. Scientists believe these petroglyphs date back 7,500 years ago. From here, we will cross through the dry lake bed of Laguna Salada flanked by the astonishing Sierra de los Cucapah and Sierra de Juárez mountain ranges. Then, we ride through untouched sand dunes finishing with a secret arroyo pass through the mountain range. Arriving at the riverfront private oasis to relish in your journey and watch the sun set behind the mountains.

Day 2:

Enjoy a light and healthy breakfast as your personal watersports instructor arrives. We will have a morning shred session followed by lunch served on the waterfront. Then, it’s siesta time! Soak in the sun, lounge by the water, or enjoy your siesta before the afternoon watersports shred session begins. After the second shred session, the night is yours to enjoy it as you choose. Usual evening activities include hitting up the local cantina for an icy cold beverage and entertainment, lounging by the bonfire looking up at the evening stars or enjoying a well-deserved rest in the cozy riverfront home.

Day 3:

Choose option 1. Wake up at dawn to get the glassiest watersports run of your life or option 2. Sleep in and wake up to a delicious hearty breakfast served riverfront with breathtaking mountain views. Head home up the scenic La Rumorosa grade and to savor authentic local Baja cuisine.

Please contact Next Level Baja Adventures for details regarding the Surf and Turf Baja Tour: (619) 398-5808 .