Baja Petroglyphs Day Tour

Baja Petroglyphs Day Tour

Let’s meet on the US side of the border and travel together south to explore a part of Baha’s rich history. Just outside of Tecate, we will find some of the oldest cave paintings in the area. Trip includes tacos.  It’s an easy and fun day trip!

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2019; 8am-6pm

Tacos and Petroglyphs

When: Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2019; 8am-6pm

Where: Meet on the U.S. side of the Tecate border at Ameri Mex Grocery 477 Tecate Road

What to expect:Baja Petroglyphs Day Tour
Explore a part of Baja’s history. Meet us on the U.S. side of border in Tecate and jump in with us! Join us for a perfect day trip as we visit the famous archeological site protected by Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia just outside the town of Tecate in El Vallecito. Explore the oldest rock paintings in the region created by a tribe of Native Americans known as the Yuman, who were a predecessor of the Kumeyaay tribe, which inhabited large portions of San Diego County. Don’t miss the most well-known cave painting on site, the famous “El diablito” (pictured left) which depicts a red man with horns. It is said that in the early morning solstice the sun’s rays pass over the painting making the eyes glow. Follow the trail just over a mile through the mystical caves of rock art. After the petroglyph viewing we will enjoy some of the best tacos Baja has to offer.

How much: $100 includes
1. Transportation into and out of Tecate
2. Entrance fees into El Vallecito
3. Tacos and a beverage of your choice.


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