About Next Level Baja Adventures – How It All Started

It all started with curiosity. Justin Strong was just a teenager when he first started exploring and falling in love with Baja. Born and raised San Diego native he had many of years of Baja exploration. Any time he heard a someone talk about a Baja: a race, a wave, a fishing experience, a deer, an untraveled road; curiosity got the better of him. He had to go see for himself.

Each time he returns from his adventure he can’t wait to share his discovery with someone else. It started by taking friends to these hidden Baja gems. One day, after coaching a friend through a difficult section of off road terrain on a private ranch, a friend said, “This is incredible! I never knew this existed! You should be a Baja tour guide” And so, Next Level Baja Adventures was born.

During his travels he made friends with to local ranchers, fisherman, surfers, and fellow Baja racers. His Baja hobbies expanded from surfing and dirt bike riding to hunting, off-roading, hiking, fishing, wakeboarding, and dirt bike racing. When Justin is not leading tours you may see him riding his dirt bike with surfboard attached (just in case) searching for the next hidden beauty Baja has to offer.

About Next Level Baja Adventures

Next Level Baja Tour Team

Justin Strong – Owner/Tour Guide

Justin has been racing dirt bikes professionally in Baja since 2014. Justin explores the beauty of Baja by surfing, off roading, dirt bike racing, hiking, and petroglyphs hunting for the past 25 years. His favorite part about being a guide is seeing the look on someone’s face who sees that mystical beauty Baja brings for first time. When he is not tour he is riding dirt bikes through Baja searching for the next gem the world of Baja has to offer.

Erin Jackson – Manager/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Erin has been exploring Baja and working as a dietitian nutritionist for 15 years. She is bilingual, and very familiar with the Baja culture. Erin helps plan and prepare our food menu and accommodate dietary needs. She is a mother of two and brings that warm motherly touch to all our adventures.

Malayna Moreno – Baja Tour Guide

Malayna comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a barefoot waterski instructor in Baja. She brings peace and tranquility to the groups on tour. With her holistic approach to life and amazing patience, she is a pleasure to be around. You can find her leading our peaceful morning meditation in the Pine Forrest or cooking her famous garlic sweet potatoes.

Mark Geelan - Next Level Baja

Mark Geelan – Baja Tour Guide/ Scout/Tail Gunner

Mark is our trusty tail gunner, ensuring everyone in the group stays safely together. Mark and Justin (owner) have been scouting the trails in Baja together for the past 25 years. Mark is an irreplaceable member of our crew with his experience in auto mechanics, camping skills and go with the flow attitude. When Mark isn’t at his day job sandblasting antique cars and machinery @atomicblastsandiego, you will find him restoring classic cars with his father, prepping tools for the next trip, and scouting Baja for new trails, new eats, and new adventures. On tour will find Mark bringing in the rear, tending the campfire, and cooking his infamous beer brats with fresh roasted vegetables.

George Contreras – Baja Tour Guide/Driver/Scout

Baja racing runs through his veins.  George grew up pitting, timing, and planning for Baja racing events. Knows the ins and outs of all Baja’s terrain and race courses. George is the go to guy when it comes to trail logistics. Being fluent in Spanish and accustomed to the culture, he helps negotiate private land access that ensures you will enjoy a trail that no other tour will ever see. You will find him scouting the course, planning the pit stops, gassing up the bikes, or giving a pep talk to a nervous rider.

Aaron Morgante – Watersports Instructor

Aaron will show you the time of your life on the water. His smile, charisma and unsurpassed love for the water has everybody smiling. When he isn’t working at m@omarine selling and repairing boats you will find him sailing the San Diego Bay or wakeboarding down a private oasis with a Cheshire grin on his face.